Saturday, March 01, 2008

Walking with Jewel

This is Jenn and Jewel in their walking set-up. The three of us can get some good mileage under us , and Jenn gets the benefit of an extra 10 lb weight to help her in her build endurance.
This is Jewel after she's been rocked to sleep by walking. She just dozes off after we start and as you can see she's definitely not bothered by our work-out.

She's almost three months old now.

Someone wanted to see what my cats look like. So here's a picture of them. The grey one on the teal bedspread is Romeo. He got his name by being a lover. He snuggles up to any living thing in the house and can be a real bother to the cleaning lady by begging for attention.

Below is Chelsea. She is Romeo's second arranged marriage. He became a widower after his first wife succomed to feline leukemia. I had adopted her from a fellow who had told the vet he had to give up his cat due to moving. He thought she was healthy, but obviously she wasn't. Chelsea came from FurKids a cat rescue from Fulton County. I felt like if I got her from an official rescue group I'd be more likely to get a healthy wife for him. Chelsea can be very lovey, but she's easily startled. I think she has a little PTSD from spending time on the streets. She's both a Tabby AND a Callico. Her fur is not soft but rather coarse, but she's a sweetie. She has feline urinary syndrome and so I get frustrated with her when she loses control (usually on my bed). At one point I actually looked into turning her back into FurKids, but I finally found a vet that could treat her adequately and so she can stay. As protection, I have a special protective cover on my new bed! Just in case she has a relapse!

Hope everyone is doing well today. I'm just being useless at home today. This is the most productive thing I've done today.


Amber said...

Glad to hear that today sounds like a better day!
Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting photos of your sweet kitties, Ann-(- and your Jenn and Jewel and your awesome new HAIR!)
Happy March to you!
Love from Leslie

Anonymous said...

Jewel really is a jewel. What a sweet baby. I hope your energy will beging to return soon. You remain in my prayers.


Calypso said...

Jewel is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen, she does her name justice.
Congrats on the hair, Ann, it's a start huh! In a few weeks you can plop a little gel in there and be a punk gramma!
Hang in there lady...

Susan said...

Great pictures of your support group, cats, kids, grandkids! Enjoy the warm weather.