Friday, March 14, 2008

Triple Negative

Emory is doing a program on triple negative breast cancer, Tuesday night. Jenn is going to take me to it. I want to hear what the docs have to say. Always looking for hope.

Just heard today that another person I know has cancer. This time a melanoma. Found early, there is up to a 95% chance of recovery. It doesn't sound like they found it early though. The chances for recovery drop dramatically to 60% or less depending on how advanced it may be.

Betty's caregiver called today and said grocery shopping had to happen, so I guess I'll get to it this weekend. She's down to only one carton of cigarettes and one container of coffee grounds. That dang near constitutes an emergency. Thankfully, I'm feeling well enough to mange it at this point.

I'm hoping to have some time to do pottery this weekend. Must also do my art homework. I'm supposed to take a simple object, put it in intense light and draw it from different perspectives. Oh, my gosh, I'm tired and need to sleep. Night all.

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