Saturday, February 16, 2008

Requiem Times Two

I went to the Requiem Mass for my colleague, friend and former congregant (I used to go to her church -- I was the one that moved.), Diedre. She passed into larger life this past week after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She would have been so proud of her daughters Amy and Emily who spoke at her memorial service. They were so articulate and such lovely young women. The sanctuary was filled to bursting with people who admired her for a life lived with selfless grace. That service was only 25 miles from my house. It took all I had to get there, stay for a bit after the service and drive home. I'm profoundly glad I went.

I also wanted to attend a service for a friend and fellow geocacher in Pell City, Alabama but it was too far. How do you decide which funeral you'll attend? In my case it was the one closest to me. I wish I could have attended both but they were literally at the same time. I'm exhausted after going to the closest one. I know I couldn't have managed to go to Pell City and back.

Cancer claimed both these friends. I am hoping that I will not be a statistic of another taken too soon, but when two friends die in the same week prematurely from this evil disease, it makes one frightened.

It was warming to see so many people who own a part of my heart, even though I don't see them often. We don't take enough time to be with those we care about. At least, I feel I don't.

I like the fact that so many, lately, are electing to make themselves a part of the carbon cycle by committing their ashes to a garden. I think our immortality is in the carbon cycle with our atoms moving around through the world endlessly.

I'm tired beyond tired right now. I'm holding the bed down and have no ambition to do anything else. Period. It's nighty night for me!

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hugs. Sleep well.