Monday, February 18, 2008

Energy Levels

This morning it was my plan to go to EfM tonight. But I still have this dang drain. I put out 70 cc's for a 2 day period and 33 cc's today. We're scheduled to go to the doc tomorrow, but Jenn is going to call and see if they will even bother with it, as supposedly it's supposed to under 30 cc's. Conversely, they don't like to leave the drain in this long, so I have no idea if it will come out or not. The drain caught on the door knob this evening and it REALLY pulled at the stitch, and so I'm a very grumpy, and unhappy camper presently.

I just still don't have the umph to be my best self yet. I wish I did, but I don't. Maybe next week I'll be able to do the EfM goal.

I just got a call from my wonder cleaner lady and she has flu at her house. She is graciously staying away from me. That's the second person I've talked to lately that had the flu. It's a little scary. Although I had a flu shot, they say it's only 40% effective. I hope that the 40% I'm immunized against is all I have a chance to encounter because the flu would surely be disasterous for me in my present state. I'm betting on the anti bacterial hand stuff and luck!

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