Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tough Stuff

The orthopaedist says I'm made of tough stuff. He took a few more x-rays today, and said I had a bone spur and some arthritis (like who doesn't at 56?), but that an MRI would help him see if I damaged the rotator cuff or a tendon. So tomorrow I go for an MRI. It makes me know how far out in the country I am because I have to go to the hospital a few towns down, because the MRI truck is at THAT hospital on Friday. It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight so I bet it's cold in that thing tomorrow.

Jenn, Jewel and I got home about 5PM after doing errands all day and seeing the doc. I'm planning to read a bit and sleep. As long as I don't put my arm in a particular position, it's within pain parameters. If it's in THAT position that makes it hurt, I'm hanging from the chandelier and screaming.

I've coordinated pathology specimens being sent from Northside to MD Anderson, talked to my insurance about what's covered and what's not, taken checks up to the Board of Education to cover my benefits for this past month, and filled out the longest intake form I've ever seen at the orthopaedists' office. Geeeeezzzzzz.

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Susan said...

I'd say that assessment is accurate - tough stuff! You must be very tough to do all that you do. I can tell just by reading your daily posts that you have much more energy now, and are getting a lot more done. Don't over-do it, stay warm, and have a great weekend!