Friday, January 25, 2008

MUGA and MRI Results

The MUGA which measures the ejection fraction of my heart came back and it was a 66% before I started chemo. I guess all the red devil crap cleaned out my veins or something because I now have an EF of 72%. Normal can be as low as 45%, so 72 is EXCELLENT.

The MRI results indicate that I've "jammed" (a layman's term for severe sprain) the left shoulder joint. It's a result of the ligaments being overextended when I hit the joint. The other aspect of the injury to that joint is severely bruised. The doc said on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10, but the bruising is inside; it's not like the skin is purple. It's all internal. So that's good, I guess. I once injured a tendon severely and it caused me years of grief. I gather that ligaments however, are more stretchy and that the bruising will heal slowly, and so I'm hoping that the shoulder will heal simultaneously with the surgery.

I talked to the coordinator at MDA and she's talking to the pathology lab at Northside Hospital to ensure they get the tissues to MDA in the way they need it. There is only one opportunity to "harvest" the tissue so we have to get this right.

Good news on the hair front. It appears that I'm getting the first short, short hairs on my head. I've declared that I will have fuzz in February. What I have now can't be considered fuzz, but I'm getting there.

Thanks to Jeffe, and Connie for your kind calls today. Randy, you're becoming a pro with your cards! Charlene, the Letter of Intent is in the mail! You should get it Monday.

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dgray1130 said...

Those are wonderful results on the MUGA and MRI. I know it doesn't feel wonderful right now, but it will. You will soon be a new and improved you...Hang in there hun, you are an amazing lady. You are in my prayers daily. Love ya Diane