Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stir Crazy

I couldn't stand it today. I wanted to go to church but just was one huge bag of phlem and persistent coughing. Didn't seem like a good match. By this afternoon, I just had to get out for a bit. I went to the pottery shop and played with clay for a pretty long while. Long enough that I'm tired now.

I talked to Betty this morning and prompted her to do a breathing treatment. I haven't talked to Jenn but I'm sure that she did the same for her today that she did yesterday. I will talk with her caregiver in the morning and see if she has improved over the weekend, or what. For what it's worth, Betty sounded decent on the phone.

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Pem said...

I hope the antibiotics are helping the cough! You might ask the doctor about Mucinex. It can reduce the irritation that causes more coughing causes more irritation (asthma inhalers are the next step to treat that irritation).

Not fair that you don't get to feel better after the chemo is past.