Monday, January 14, 2008

In the Scheme of Things....

Betty was supposed to go to the doc today if she wasn't better. Well, how exactly do you figure the subtlties of "better"? So it was decided that she would see the doctor and HE could decide if she was better or not. Little Jewel didn't need to be around sick people at only 5 weeks. Betty's caregiver called in DREADFULLY ill today, and so by default I took her to the doc. Her oxygen levels are up a bit, her blood pressure is low, and the doc has put her on Mucinex from now onward.

I am frustrated beyond belief at the moment. Sometime on Christmas day my keys got picked up with the trash, or lost somehow / someway that I don't understand. However, I had a spare set, and I've been using them. In the shuffle with the cars today, somehow, someway my chemo-soaked brain allowed me to lose my back-up set of car keys for my house and truck. I backtracked to the three places that I had been to ---- nada. How can I lose both sets of my keys (to EVERYTHING) in the matter of three weeks? I don't understand it. All the other keys are easy to replace, but my truck will have to be towed to the dealership to have a key "programmed" for it -- their computer has to talk to the truck computer. This is just unbelievable! I'm so tired, congested, disgusted, frustrated and sick in body and heart that I wimped out of EfM tonight and I've been able to go all through chemo except for once, I think. I feel like I'm just going crazy.....ok, well maybe crazier.

Gosh, between my own coughing and congestion and my stress right now, I'm flat as a flitter exhausted. St. Anthony: I'm calling out to you. Please help me to find one of my sets of keys, please!


Anonymous said...

Kiddo, try the vicks on the bottom of your feet and put on a pair of socks over that. Helps Frank when he starts with the coughing. Good you asked St. Anthony to help. I too am asking, praying for help in finding them. Look in pockets or between things, like seat or nope I get pockets or something enclosing/holding them. Praying for you. Love, R

Susan said...

Hey - I heard of putting Vicks on the bottom of your feet also, sounds strange, but let us know if it works.

Dang keys! I once found mine in the trash after looking everywhere. You aren't crazy, just normal like the rest of us, wait - unless we are crazy too - hmmmm I will have to think about that one.

After all you have been through, don't let the keys get you down!

I hope you have a better day today.

Anonymous said...

maybe there's a reason for your keys being lost.
sounds like you are doing WAYYYYY too much for others, while you should take care of YOU, stay indoors, or even in BED...
the keys will appear again I am certain, and if not, you can get new ones. not having your truck is another sign that you should be home, getting served on hand and foot.
chicken soup anyone?

seriously Ann, don't fret over keys, it's winter, you are going through cancer treatment, you need others to take care of YOU...

hang in there, lady, the Lord works in weird ways sometimes to get his message through.