Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Snow

Now wherever you are, if you're not from Georgia you are going to look at these pictures and laugh. But I'm telling you, this is big news around here. While this is nothing but a light dusting anywhere else, you have to remember there are probably all of three snow plows in Georgia and their all in Rabun County (way up north). There are some trucks that can spread sand and salt in the Atlanta area where there are a lot of bridges and overpasses that are exposed and ice easily. The roads are clear right now, but temps are likely to plummet tonight with the Polar Express coming down to freeze our tuckus' off. The one picture is my townhome front, and the other is a shot down the street. The weather man said last night that ANY snow we got today would be an all time record because this day in weather history in Georgia has never had snow. So it's an official record. I'm staying inside. My big venture out was to go get the mail. And the post office is true to their motto, "Neither rain, sleet, snow or dead of night will keep the postal worker from the completion of their rounds." I got mail.

Betty had an appointment today with a doc and I cancelled it yesterday because there was no way I was going to take her out in this for a non emergency appointment. She seems to be improving a little each day from her breathing ick that she had.

I hope I can make it to church tomorrow. It's not looking good because if all that wet on the roads freezes, it would be a slippery 17 miles to church.

I have the electric blanket on, and I'm snuggled in. Wherever you are, I hope you are warm.


Allen said...

Up here in Stephens county which is just below Rabun, we didn't get any snow just rain.

Susan said...

Love your snow pictures, the snow makes everything so pretty, your hometown looks great!

I hope you are staying warm and have everything you need so you won't have to go out into this cold. Have a great day.