Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy, Busy Days

OK, my cleaning queen came today and we reclaimed another room from the entropies. I have been wanting to get a new bed and Jenn was able to take me to Douglasville today to check out some beds. I got one and it's being delivered tomorrow. It's a much larger expenditure than I anticipated, but it's FIRM and it's been a minimum of nine years since I bought an "economy" mattress, so it's time.
I didn't end up doing a lot of research before I bought the bed, so I kind of wondered if I might have been suckered. However, after checking on the web, I see that I got a very good price. That makes me happy.

The cats have more cat food (prescription) for the next few weeks. My house is cleaner and I have a new bed coming. All cool. I see Dr. P my onc tomorrow. The nodule near my right elbow was examined by him in December and pronounced to be an enlarged lymph node. The breast surgeon looked at it Thursday and then went and got one of her colleagues, and they both said, "I dunno what it is, it's not on a breast." So I still don't know what it is. However, they did assure me that it was highly unlikely to be a metastasis of the cancer because cancer migrates to predictable places, and the elbow is not one of those places.

Wednesday Jenn helped me to save in perpetuity the memory of my "girls" Here's a picture of them. This is as brave as I get. I'll pour plaster into the mold eventually and then will do some arty stuff with the one that pleases me the most. So, even though the real girls will be gone in only an hour and a half on Monday, I'll have something to remember them by. For your viewing entertainment here is a picture of the casting. The twisty things in the middle are extra support. You can figure out everything else.

I don't quite understand why there are not memorial services for amputated parts. Medical schools have memorial services for the donated bodies. But if you've had something amputated -- a part of your body is separated from you forever -- there's no service to acknowledge and grieve the loss of that part. I don't care if it was a diabetic losing a foot, or my gallbladder that they took out last year. Now they're taking away THE symbols of my femininity forever, and there's no acknowledgement of that loss. My boobies deserve a memorial service. I don't know what form that will eventually take, but I will have to say "goodbye" to them in some significant way.

Anyone know any amusing Knock Knock jokes about boobs? I'm looking for one.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a well done boobie-casting job, Ann--
Great idea and I'm sure you will create a beautiful memorial-masterpiece of your breasts when you are ready.
Can't think of a knock-knock joke --how about:
What kind of bees swarm around Halloween?
Enjoy your new bed, you deserve it!
Sending you good, healing thoughts every day-
Love from Leslie

Susan said...

Busy indeed! You get more done in a day than I do!

Love the bust of the bust - LOL. Now you have me googling for boob jokes when I am supposed to be working - thanks a lot! This is the only one found so far:

What did one boob say to the other? "We'd better get some support or people are gonna think we're nuts."

Keep up the good spirits!

Episcopollyanna said...

That's such a great idea, Ann! I'll be keeping you in my prayers that your surgery goes well on Monday. I just saw your post on the DOK Yahoo! group. I agree, there should be some kind of memorial for our body parts, but it looks like you've got your spirits up. Enjoy your new bed - that makes a huge difference.

You're in my thoughts and prayers - God bless!

Amber said...

Isn't "knock knock" a funny enough joke about boobies?

Great job on the casting - very creative!