Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Running Around Getting Things Ready

Betty needs groceries. I'm washing clothes like a maniac. I'm taking my stuff that I'll need at Jenn's down to her house in preparation for coming home to her place. I have to get a key made so my cleaning angel can get into the house.

Just taking care of business.

OK, in a world where recycling is encouraged I have to pause and wonder, "What does a boobless woman do with her old bras?" Can the falsies be put into a regular bra? I don't know. Do I need to go around and find someone else that's a 48DD? I think I'd get slapped if I asked someone what bra size they are. If you're anywhere from a 44 D to a 48DD I might have some bras I can send you. I'm thinking that when I buy my new girls I only want to be a C. If there's anything I wished over the years it was that my girls weren't so heavy. So, I see no reason to get big, heavy girls when I have a choice. Just for fun, you can vote.


Watercolor said...

You are in my prayers this weekend as you prepare. hugs!!! pamela - a dok

Anonymous said...

I think a C cup would be just fine. It would look great with any clothes, and you won't have alot of 'sag!". You are so cute putting this vote on here. My prayers are with you. You are going to be fine. Just let God take care of the details.
Kathleen Davis

dgray1130 said...

I vote for the c too. Seems less on the back for future problems. lol I wouldn't know.....I"ve been a B since I was 15. You could always give your old ones to salvation army. lol Diane

Anonymous said...

I think you will love being a "C", Ann-- plenty big enough- that's my vote.
Hope you have a super peaceful Sunday before surgery-- hows your shoulder feeling?
Sending you a constant flow of good, calm thoughts--
with background sounds of the cool, ocean waves crashing gently upon the sand--
Love from Leslie

Anonymous said...

A C is biggggg enough. You can donate your old ones to a women's Shelter, Salvation Army, or a church that has clothing drives. It's a great job you are doing. I am glad you like the cards....more on the way...Love, prayers & positive energy, Randy

Meta said...

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.
Saying goodbye to the girls has got to be incredibly hard.
As for the bras, I would have a bra burning party, since if you will get new ones they'll be smaller anyway.
Yeah, I have a strange sense of humor :>)
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning, lighting my candle for you.
The folks at Northside are good eggs, you're in good hands there.
Besides, you have a few hundred (or so it seems) people praying for you.

Susan said...

I like the bra burning idea! I vote for C. With all this talk of burning bras and voting, this sounds like a political blog - maybe you could have the bonfire on Super Tuesday!

Good luck on your big day tomorrow!

Amber said...

They only let me vote once, but both of my big old girls think you should go flat. I have a dream, that one day, my neck and back will not scream from the pain caused by the curse that God placed on my chest....

Freecycle the bras, girl. You know it works since that's how we met!

We'll be praying for you even more than usual tomorrow - All will go well, got faith in that!