Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Should Be Wrapping

There. There is my Christmas Tree for this year!

I met the plumber at Betty's today to get a hammer in her water pipes fixed. He did the fixing, I just sat with her and answered her questions over and over, "Today is Saturday, right?" "Today is Sunday, right?" "Why can't everyone come to my house Christmas?" "It's Saturday, right?" With any luck, the pipes are fixed.

That is my single accomplishment for the day. I think I'm coming down with something, but I'm not sure. I slept some today and read a lot and that's it. I have some very unusually shaped things to wrap as Christmas presents, and I have no clue how to wrap them. I suppose covering them with aluminum foil and letting their shape be obvious wouldn't be sporting, huh?

I got a letter from my short term disability people (MetLife) saying I should go file for Social Security since my disability is now at the six month level. That kind of STUNNED me. I think, but am not sure, that I have long term disability that kicks in after this. I wish I was sure. I'm betting that not many office workers are at MetLife on Monday, and the staff at the school board are out until after the New Year. Makes me a little anxious because treatments will extend beyond the date in time they terminate me from short term disability.

Just me and the cats snuggled up on a cool winter day, but everything is looking up because everyday from now on will have a little more sunlight than the previous day. Yes, the winter equinox is over and now more light will literally be coming into our lives on a daily basis. Hope your days are filled with light and love.

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