Sunday, December 16, 2007

High Maintenance from the Start

Julianna is still a little yellow. Each day she has to go to the hospital to get a blood test to see what her bilirubin count is. She's been on the lights now for 36 hours, with any luck her liver is kicking in and doing what it's supposed to. She's one week old today, so her mom and I split the driving to the hospital. I drove there, she drove back. We're both a little weak so it even's out. I wish I could do more, but mostly all I can be is a holder or a sitter, I don't really have much vim or zip to do much. I did run a couple errands that will save Jen and Eric.

Unfortunately, yesterday Eric threw his back OUT. It is so out, it's not even funny. His back is delicate anyway, but it seems like this time he's really jammed up. I hope the back clinic at Emory can see him quickly because I think this is more than a simple strain. He's in a bad way, and I feel bad for him.

We'll all have to juggle responsibilities for tomorrow. Lots to do and not enough people to do them. We need an old fashioned maid that can come in and do errands and just help out for a bit, but I expect no one much does that kind of thing anymore.

The weather temp is down to 37 here during the day and expected to go to 23 tonight. Brrrrrrr. THAT is some cold stuff for us. My bald head wants a more substantive hat when I'm outside in this weather, but the kerchief is perfect inside. I may have to start carrying an outside and inside hat around with me!

Doc called and the girl is off the lights. She still has to get a check tomorrow, but if all goes well, her parents can sleep without the sound of a vacuum in their ear (that's what her light machine sounds like). Go liver!!! Go liver!!!

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Tutuk said...

I hope she will get better soon. It must be hard to live with sickness like that, but the life must go on. Do your best..