Saturday, December 08, 2007

Adding to the Readership

My former father-in-law, Bill, has a sister and brother-in-law in Vermont. N. & R. have snow and cold and I don't know how they stand it. They have a new little grand-baby, Jewel. What a sweet name! I found this picture of Bill, Betty and N. and sent it to N. via e-mail, but her e-mail is eating everything I send. So, here it is again N. This must have been around 1980 or so is my guess. Maybe earlier. Betty has her trademark red hair, and you were still a brunette. I still miss Bill so much. He and I shared a special friendship of the heart.

It was good talking to you today. I'm glad we got some information exchanged and you up-to-date on events. Come back often, N. to see what your family is up to!

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