Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Zofran the Magnificent

OK, if you EVER feel nauseous for a period of time and you don't want to manage your nausea by going to sleep (which is what a lot of anti-nausea medicines do -- just knock you out), there is a special drug called Zofran. Now Zofran has recently become a generic drug. It must be made of platinum or something because in it's generic state the insurance company allowed me to have 12 tablets. Twelve doesn't seem like a lot until you hear the following. When I went to pick them up, I knew they had a reputation of being expensive. I asked how many the insurance company let me have. Then the pharmacist volunteered that I was very lucky. It's unusual to get as many as 12 per month, and those 12 had a price of $520. I gulped and asked, "How much is the co-pay on that?" The pharmacist smiled and said, "$10." AMAZING!

I'm feeling a tiny bit better since taking a half of one. I was able to eat some dinner and enjoy it. Food has not seemed like an appealing idea for several days now since my treatment a week ago today. This is the longest the nausea has lasted. I hope it's not as bad the next treatment!

I did grocery shopping for myself today. Which is only manageable because they have those motorized carts at the store. If it wasn't for them, I'd have to make a list and send someone. The little carts make it so I can go out and get my own.

I enjoyed so very much, getting to have dinner with my family. My grandson and I made some sugar cookies (Just before bed too -- I'm sure mom and dad appreciated that!). It was a precious bit of the Norman Rockwell America to just sit with him at the kitchen table and make little dinosaur sugar cookies. Precious moments.

Thanks to R. for your card marathon. Three cards came today! You're too, too good. Thanks also to G. for taking time to call me today and let me know you cared. It really makes my heart sing when I hear from friends and family. Thanks E. & D. for dropping comments off at the blog too. I'm nauseated these days, but feeling very blessed with friends and family.

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