Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Oldest Living Contractor!

OK, the dude gets here at 10:30 not 10. So far I'm going, "Just like every other contractor I've ever had to do anything with." (Unreliable) Much to my horror, he arrived with his wife. Mr. and Mrs. came in, and he started working on the fawcet. I suspect strongly that Mr. is at least 80 if he is a day. He's a very S.L.O.W moving fellow, but seems to be competent. He just doesn't move fast. The really fun part was watching Mrs. "help" Mr. Now, if you ever wondered about the importance of learning NOT to whine....THIS is the reason: Mrs. only speaks in a whining voice. She sounds like a characteracture of "The Whiners" from Saturday Night Live. She can not speak in a normal tone of voice. Everything she says is a whine. So now, horror of horros, imagine her chatting with me in this whiney voice and asking things like, "What kind of cancer are you being treated for?" "Who's your female doctor?" "Do you know Mrs. So-and-so?" "My sister in law has breast cancer and she took one chemo treatment and never went back. The doctor said she was making a mistake about that, but she got too sick from it to imagine ever having another treatment." "Have you had surgery yet?" "What's your floor plan?" "Who owns these townhomes?" "Where is your family?" "Are you from around here?" etc., etc. All said in a whiney, nasal voice. It took poor Mr. about four hours to install the fawcet, but he fixed the roof in jiffy time. He says he's coming back on Monday to put in the storm door. Mrs. says that it will take him all day to do the door. He doesn't say much, but when he off loaded the door from the pick-up, he said, "Anderson, that's a good door. It's the Cadillac of doors. Mmmmmm."

I have the weekend to maybe get the floor vacuumed and do some picking up, cleaning up, and maybe put up my Christmas tree. I was embarassed for Mrs. to see how chaotic things have gotten in here.

Don't let your child whine, because it is sure an unattractive feature of an adult! But she's a good Christian woman, with strong opinions about most everything. I know. She told me. ;)


Susan said...

What a nightmare day! Sorry, but it is funny the way you tell it. Hopefully she won't come back on Monday. It's no wonder he doesn't talk much, he can't get a word in!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you Ann, I like those odds better too.

Alice in Wisconsin