Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hired Man is Coming!

The full moon on a crystal clear October night. The celestial feminine.

I've hired a fellow to come do a bunch of chores for me tomorrow. My roof has a couple shingles that need nailing down, a fawcet needs installing, and I'm hoping there will be enough time for him to do a few other repairs here as well. I have those dang popcorn ceilings, and there's a spot that needs repair. Then, there's the stormdoor. I got this really, really cool storm door that will allow me to get fresh air in through the nifty screen feature (Not like your grandma's screen door!). I can open the door, get fresh air, and keep the cats in. Cool! I probably have more than a day's work for him, because I also got a peep hole gizmo for the front door, so that I can actually see the boogy man before I open the front door, and not after he's eaten me.

Baby girl McDonald is doing water aerobics, much to mom's dismay. I was looking through some pictures today, and found one of me about 32 years ago with my own little girl in my belly. One of the funny things was to look through the decades at the evolution of eye glasses and hair.

The next project will be to hire someone to help me clean this place up. I'm not a good domestic on the best of days, but being puny has let the "entropies" grow and reproduce inside this place. It's time to get a shovel and do some major cleaning. That's for a different week though.

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Susan said...

"The joys of home ownership" as my husband puts it, the repairs are neverending and grow more numerous with each passing year of age on the house. And of course the everyday chores of housework, yuck! Glad you are getting some help. Just having some repairs and cleaning will make you feel so much better.

Have a good one!