Monday, November 19, 2007

Annual Physical

As if it wasn't necessary for the oncologist and surgeon and radiation oncologist to poke and prod me, I have to maintain a happy relationship with my internist. C. very graciously drove me in to Atlanta today, getting a BIG gold star for doing it during rush hour. Happily my internist will take over prescriptions for me on two Rx's that I had to go to a specialist for previously. This makes me VERY happy that I now don't need to see an additional doc.

We treated ourselves to a nice lunch out and then I went home and flopped into bed for a 3 hour nap! Phew. Wore myself out!

The FAT insurance check came today and I will happily deposit it tomorrow. Happy to be making a nice deposit.

The picture above is of a puzzle I worked today. These puzzles were new to me and my friend N. gave me this puzzle book. It's great mental exercise when waiting or having treatments. It's less challenging than a crossword, but more difficult than you think. Lots of logic required. I enjoyed working this one today. Thanks, N. :)

A little TV and some salad for dinner, and believe it or not, I'll sleep just fine tonight. Tomorrow I have to be at the oncologist early for treatment number 4! Yeah! Killing the cancer some more!

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Susan said...

Love the puzzle books! They are very addictive, and just the right size to carry along for appointments etc. I have been thinking of you, hope you have a good turkey day.