Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nulasta to the Chemical Mix

Because of what I got yesterday, and am taking for the next few days, my bone marrow is going nuts and so I got a shot of Nulasta this afternoon. The fun news about that is that is is supposed to have intense bone pain as a side effect. "Please don't feel hesitant to call and ask for pain meds!" said the nurse. OK! I got very, very tired at work about 1PM today, but was able to keep plugging along until time to leave for the next doc appointment. Can hardly believe I have another one tomorrow afternoon! The bills are rolling in now too, and that looks much more exciting than having pancreatitus last year!

We've set the date for the shearing. It will be Monday. I will check with Mrs. Anderson to see who gets the "honor" of cutting off my hair. Once we know what lunch that person has, then we'll be able to get things set up. My daughter is going to pick me up Monday and take me to the barbershop for the rest of it to go. Then I'm supposed to go to a church meeting. Hummmm. My first bald moment at church.....hope they and I both can handle it.

I have to sleep now. I know it's not quite 9, but I'm really, really tired. Thanks to my Secret Pal who is already organized and has made sure I feel cared about! Mummmm, chocolate! And cool earings!

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