Monday, September 17, 2007

Me on Chemo #1

Here I am with a shawl over me. You can't see them, but I took fuzzy socks in case my feet got cold. That was an excellent move. They stay in the chemo bag. I think the shawl tranforms into a blanky by next time. The doc was nice, the nurses were nice. I drank lots of fluids. I pee'd lots of fluids. The place is nice and very clean and they give you all the crackers, ice and cokes you want to drink. I have three prescriptions for nausea, and one for steroids, and tomorrow I get a shot of something that will make me feel like I have the flu but which will stimulate my bone marrow to keep working even though it's stressed out.
I don't feel "normal" (whatevertheheckthatis) but I don't feel bad. I'm being very careful to use my anti-nausea stuff to ensure I don't start hurling. If I feel tomorrow like I feel now, I will be able to go to work. I'm setting the alarm for 5 am to take inventory though and see how I'm doing at that time.
Jenny checked my incision for me tonight. It's all intact and aside from some increadible bruising, it's healing and the swelling is going down a little everyday.
I have been briefed on all the potential side effects. The rules are: if I run a fever of 100.5 I call the doc anytime of the day or night. If I start to hurt anywhere and a dose of some really good pain stuff doesn't take care of it, I call the doc anytime of the day or night. If I can't reach the doc's office, I go to the Carrollton ER and they will call the doc. I have to use lots of bacterial hand cream, stay away from germs, and wash my hands incessently.
No worries here.
I'm imagining that HUGE syringe of red medicine going straight to the tumor, although I really know it went straight to my bladder. It took 5 hours to put three different poisons into me, but so far, so good. We'll see if that is different in the am. :)

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Marilyn (red) said...

My wishes, thoughts and prayers are with you these days. You are such an insperation to us all. Stay strong girlfriend.Marilyn (red)