Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kick Butt Week

Between one thing and another this week, and the fact that I'm catching a cold, I came home totally wiped out tonight. I do mean TOTALLY wiped out. I came home, went straight to bed and slept for a couple hours, then woke up tired. I can't believe there's one more day in this week!

The nicest thing about today was that at the end of the day when I was fall-on-my-face tired, I got a lovely present from three colleagues who sensed the road was getting tough. Kindnesses like this are fuel for my soul right now. I couldn't get a really good picture of this bracelet no matter how I took it, so here's the best I could do. It's lovely, and I appreciate those who took the time to tell me they cared!

Tomorrow is the appointment with the oncologist. This is the point in the movie where the tense music is qued up and lights get dimmer to let you know that something monumental is happening. Well, it's monumental for me.

Many thanks to the kind angels that brightened my day today. Many.

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susan said...

Hi, I just saw your website address on geocaching page for Lacy Family event. I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts as you go through this, even tho we have never met.

a.k.a. downychick (in geocaching)