Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Blessing of Chocolate

Today I had my MUGA, the heart test. I'm only slightly radioactive and I don't know my ejection factor yet, but I will on Friday. The ejection factor tells the docs how healthy my heart is and how aggressively they can poison me. The test was no biggie.

I talked to Dr. Pierce (the oncologist) today and he all but personally guaranteed that the second pathology report would be ready on Friday as well. That will go a long way toward figuring out what kind and duration of chemo would be best.

I talked to Dr. Steinhaus' surgical coordinator (the surgeon) today and to help see if the cancer has moved into my lymph system we're going to try and get a sentinel node biopsy done in quick time. When you do the chemo first, you don't get to stage the cancer, but by finding out if it's out in the lymph system it will give us some ideas of how advanced it is. The more information I have the more I can make informed decisions.

Chocolate brownies and a bundle of love visited me tonight. I was really glad to see my brother and his family. Anyone with chocolate is welcome to stop by, I might add. Amazing fresh vegetables, aroma therapy goodies, and mostly just the healing grace of family and the love that travels with them.

Things are happening, and happening fast. I expect tomorrow and Friday to be important decision days in various ways.

Now it's time to close my eyes for a while.

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