Sunday, April 19, 2009

Belfast Surprise

When I left Dublin and went to Belfast, I put my things away at the Hostel and then set out to go get some pub grub. When I started out for the pub, I came upon an "Orange Parade."

Go HERE to see the Orange Parade. It's supposed to be a practice for the biggest of big Orange Parade on July 12, the anniversary of a 300 year old battle. It appears they do need a tad more practice. But it was exciting to see the event, even though it's hard for us American's to understand the political/religious issues behind these.

I do have to say that there was one scary moment where I thought a riot was going to break out, and you could fairly smell the testesterone and tension in the air. People there said I was in a safe place, others I asked later told me I was a nut case for hanging around that area at all.

So exciting moment to capture, by total accident that I was there and glad my camera had the ability to handle movies as well as photos.

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Jenny said...

"Belfast Surprise" sounds like a dish the high school lunch lady would serve!