Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Romeo has a mild case of asthma. He's snoozing right beside me and snoring up a storm because of his asthma. It's weird to be the only PERSON in the room, but still have to listen to a snoring sound!

I'm getting a cold.

Next week I go for my one year follow up with my surgeon. I'm very proud of her work. I can't wait to tell her and show her how nicely things have healed.

It took only 15 minutes today to do a school-wide memorial for Jeff. We were told to leave our grief at the service and go back to class. The students were respectful. The gym thoughtfully converted into a spare and tasteful space. The principal spoke, a student council member spoke, and one of our vice principals read his obituary. The choral director sang a song. They'd allocated 30 minutes for the memorial service, but only used 15 minutes, so had to try and herd the cats back into their respective classrooms. Right! The nicest thing about today was that Jeff's son was present to see over a thousand people come together in memory of his dad. THAT was the best memory we could possibly give him at this point. He'll always know that in two short years, his father had endeared himself to enough people to fill the stands of a high school gymnasium. The time for memorials and remembrance is officially ended. I hope my heart and mind can keep up with the official timeline for grief. I don't think I left it in the gym as directed. I'm a bit contrary that way.


Amber said...

Leave it in the gym? The time for memorials and remembrance is officially ended?

Have they lost their mind? Even if adults could do that, do they think teenagers can?

Honey, you do what you need to do and ignore whatever idiot told you to leave it in the gym. They obviously left their brain somewhere before they entered the gym. And yes, I would call that person an idiot to their face for that one! You ask any of my students what I say about people like that. The answer is "MO-RON" (the "MO" is pronounced "mow," as in the grass, in this one).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that they are responsibly promoting healthy emotional development in the kids. Sheesh! Not all schools are like that. When I was a freshmen in highschool we lost a friend to a car accident and the faculty/staff were extremely patient with us students in our grieving process.

I am so sorry. I hope you can find some peace in the midst of your grief.


Watercolor said...

Well that was a ridiculous request anyway. And a most unhealthy lesson on how grief works for the kids. Good thing they have you. Hugs!!