Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

I can't believe I've been able to run the marathon called this week! Today was exciting because I got the ride with a Deputy Sheriff . . . in the FRONT seat. I did a home visit that would never have accomplished my goals if it wasn't for our wonderful Resource Officer helping me out. He told me if the resident hadn't come out when she did, he'd have put on the lights and siren to get her attention. He says that works pretty well. Well, I can tell you, if he'd done that I would have jumped out of my skin! As it was, it was an adventure.

Monday I will be a World Geography teacher from then until the end of the school year. My heart is heavy because I have been pulled in to teach the classes my colleague who passed away two weeks ago can't. I am glad I will be in one place all day, but sad to have to step in for my departed friend. I am glad to have a chance to try on regular education, but feel bad for the students in the classes I've been serving for the last 9 weeks who will now have to make-do with a sub.

I'm very, very tired. A lot of stress these last several days. Weird weather coming in. The superintendent warned us of a potential wintery mix on Sunday! I have daffodils blooming, forsythia blooming, and I'm taking pleasure at looking at flower catalogs -- it's not supposed to be doing a wintery mix! I'm picking up a book, and I'm committing to being jello for the next while, unless needed for emergency Jewel-sitting. Night, night!

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Watercolor said...

Be Jello!!! Hugs!!