Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally Christmas Comparison

Christmas 2007
Bald and Baby Jewel is only Days Old

At Christmas I wanted to do a comparison of one year to the next, but I couldn't get the picture of myself and the kids to download. For whatever reason, it's finally decided it would work. Go figure. So here's some pix with a happier content.

I don't know why this decided it would finally load, but it did.
Christmas 2008 -- I have HAIR and look at Jewel this year!

My hit accomplishment of the day was to go out for lunch, and to have a nice nap with Jewel. The last week has been pretty tough, and I just had run out of ZIP. Jewel and I went up to the bonus room at Jenn and Eric's and we zonked out! Felt good for me, and she's a real snuggler. Very cuddly.
My hair is finally long enough to curl a bit, and I'm really glad about that.
Must run to look for my phone. I have no idea where it is. Which is about the 40th time in the last six months I've lost track of something like my keys or phone. So, off to go looking and listening for it. Later gators.

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