Monday, December 01, 2008


Things have been a big subdued at my house for the last several days because of a small medical issue. Of course it doesn't come up on a M - F of a normal week. This issue has to come up quite literally on Thanksgiving. Down in the nether regions something was wrong. Bad wrong. But not so bad that a trip to the ER was the best plan. So I kind of gutted it out until today, and called a surgeon who squeezed me in this AM. He wasn't the most gentle fellow I've ever met, but he treated the issue and has hopefully ended a lot of sit-down suffering. His most memorable quality was that he looks like "Beaker" of the Muppets fame.

He deemed me unfit for teachering today, so I got to go home early and get a little happier with some nice pain killers. I am a happier girl today than I was yesterday!

We had snow flurries today! OK, it was only for 15 minutes and they were the teeny, tiniest snowflakes ever, but it was fun to watch it coming down. Such an unlikely thing to happen in Georgia on December 1st.

I hope you and those you love are warm and well tonight, and that no one you know had to have "minor surgery" other than me. It's such an oxymoron! PS: Hey, Beaker, if what goes around comes around, I hope someone is someday as gentle with your nether regions as you were today with mine! You have the gentle touch of Rhinoceros fingers!


Watercolor said...

Hope you are healed up soon. hugs!

Susan said...

Oh, so sorry for your discomfort! It sounds like you have the same luck as my husband, who has spent more than one holiday in the hospital (even a Christmas with what sounds like what you had!) Hope all is well soon.

Calypso said...

sorry you're feeling poopie, sounds like a pain in the butt. I hope things clear up fast.