Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, Betty is getting better, but is still a little light on the congnitive area. She refused to go get medical testing today because she wasn't sick, and didn't remember being in the hospital ALTHOUGH she is wearing her oxygen like a good girl. Tomorrow I am taking her for the testing. Evidentally Jenn and I have special powers and I shall use them!

It was nice and quiet today at school, no fire engines, no high winds, and no alarms or TV reporters. THAT is a good thing.

I've been working on the school web pages. Got some questions answered today that needed to be done. So I can now be more productive and more nerdy. ;)

Next week there is the End of Course Testing to be completed as it was delayed by the tornado. Then Wednesday and Thursday will be final exams. Friday is a teacher work day.

I'm trying to finish my Christmas stuff (mostly done) and get Betty's completed. Her darling caregiver has decorated her house with all sorts of festive holiday decorations. I must clean the fish tank tomorrow and get more fish food. Exciting stuff around here. Mostly it's just busy, busy, busy. The really fun thing will be Jewel's birthday on Saturday. I hope she feels more herself tomorrow because first birthdays are just so awesome. She is so awesome.

I'll have my snuggle bug Liam tomorrow night. Grandchildren are just the BEST ever. They really make you feel special. I am so privileged that I can live close to them and be a part of their lives. They truely enrich mine!

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