Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Boobs

The artist that is doing the mold of my boobs brought the "rough" mold to class tonight. It was very strange to look at my breasts from the perspective of seeing them across the table from me. I'd never seen them from that perspective. He says they'll be done by Christmas. It was very moving to see and touch their image again. He asked me what I was going to do with them when they were done? I'm actually moderately serious about putting them up as a bit of art on the wall of my livingroom. Is that too morbid? Just way over the top too weird? I've seen a torso as a bit of art in someone's livingroom. It's wasn't their torso, but it was very artistic and didn't seem out of place there. As long as it's an artistic looking thing....maybe it wouldn't be too bizarro?

This artist is giving me a great gift. I'm ever so appreciative.

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Susan said...

Yes, weird, but it's your house and your boobs! Maybe this is part of the whole healing process? Hope it all turns out great!