Sunday, November 02, 2008

Laundry, Babies and Boobs

Today some laundry must be done. MUST be done. It is a crisis of undergarments here.

Last night Liam came and spent the night with his Grammy. Of course the time changed and so when he was up at 6, it was really 5. I convinced him to rest and watch some cartoons for a bit, but by the real 7am he wnated to go HOME and he wanted to go NOW.

So we walked to his house. Well, I walked, he ran. He told me to run. He was very disappointed that I could only walk a little faster. He finally said, "My mom can run faster than you!" Yup. She sure can. He got to his house about a minute and a half before me.

In an effort to give the folks some relief, I took Jewel back with me so that today at any time, they only had one kid. Jewel and I had a lovely day together playing and napping. About 6 I took her home though, because of the laundry crisis I knew was sitting and waiting for me at home.

Jewel can now wave to someone and is so adorable doing it. Her daddy was mowing grass as we walked up, and she was excitedly waving at him so that he had to stop the mower and come cuddle her.

Today her mom spent time making a doll Luke Skywalker for Liam to have to cuddle. Liam who is madly into Star Wars looked at it and went, "Yeah, ok." It was a hard moment for a mom that had spent the better part of severla hours making it for him. It was a practice effort to see how she might approach making a cuddly doll for Jewel. Something soft and cuddly to hold at night when she soon moves to her own bed. I get the feeling that mom and dad area more than ready for Jewel to sleep in her own bed so they can sleep better themselves. Napping here today, Jewel sat up and looked around, smiled at me and looked like she was awake about three times, then layed down and went back to sleep for another hour! I'm glad I don't have to try and sleep with her night after night!

I'm going to work on my art homework while waiting for the machines to do their work. It's messy but fun to do the drawings. There is a part of me that wnnts some sign from the instructor about the advisability of me continuing to work on the art or if I just suck so bad I should just surrender. At 56, almost 57, I still am a child seeking "approval." However, there is a part of me also, that just says, "Srew it! I will just do it because I like it, and that is enough!"

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