Friday, November 28, 2008

Friends Across the Web

OK, so let's see, I've flown to meet people I've only talked to in cyberspace three times now. Once to Washington, DC, once to Florida (thanks Leslie, et al.) and once to England! Children do NOT do this. However, I think smart, discerning adults who check things out ahead of time, are relatively safe to go visit cyberfriends.

Today I drove an hour north to visit with a cyberfriend closer than I imagined. Mapquest worked perfectly for once, even if it did print out in something like a 6 point font! Thankfully I'm nearsighted, not farsighted so I could see the microscopic print. I arrived at the appointed time. But being a little bit of a ditz these days, I didn't get a picture of Meta and myself. We were even color-coordinated today! I met Meta on-line via a group of folks I participate in an automated listserve with (if you don't know what it is, don't worry about it). I knew I was within driving distance, but thought she was farther away than reality. I'm sure I'll get to go back, if Meta forgives me for the one picture of her that I did take. Sorry, dear one, it's the only one I have.

Her lovely grandchild, "Boo," and her friendly husband, "Wheelie" were also there. We had a great visit and a lovely lunch of T-giving turkey sandwiches. (What else on Friday after T-giving?!) Mmmmmmm. Very nummy. I have to say that I missed one of the many turns on the way home and so took a more scenic route home, than I did going there. It's all ok. Next time I'll print out the directions in reverse! It seems like it'd be easy, but it's harder than you think, OK. No teasing allowed. Check out Calypsotown to learn more about the life and times of Meta above.

After enjoying some quiet reading once I got home, Jenn and I made plans for tomorrow. We have undertaken to take Betty to see her Sister and her Sister's family in Peachtree City. This is a trip of about 65-70 miles. This does not sound like a big deal, but keep in mind that (a) she is impatient going 15 minutes to Carrollton. (b) Her breathing is more labored and difficult in the cooler weather, (c) she won't be allowed to smoke in the van, and (d) it means she has to take a shower tomorrow morning. I have been delegated with the honor of "encouraging" her to take a shower in the morning. She knows that taking showers is important and she lies and says she takes one everyday, but the nose, knows. I also buy all her soap and shampoo products, and I know things no other person should know about how often these products are (or are not) used. Jenn said I can threaten her by saying, "If you don't take a shower I'll call Jenny," and ultimately, "If you don't take a shower, we won't take you." Although, we probably would. The last shower intervention I participated in was.....lengthy, made Betty angry because she wasn't allowed to escape the shower torture, and also made her embarassed. She has enough mind there that she does feel embarassed still. So, tomorrow will be an adventure! No matter what happens, it will be an adventure.

I am looking forward to seeing family I haven't seen in ages. Betty's sister is frail, has alzheimer's also, and this might be their last chance to see one another in this life. Maybe tomorrow I won't be such a ditz, and will remember to take more pictures!

So tomorrow when you get up, say a short prayer for me and for Betty. I don't know why she feels insecure, or resentful, or if she's as hydrophobic as a cat, but she is, and so it will be an interesting day tomorrow!

Currently watching The Polar Express on TV. I've never seen it, and so far it's rather interesting. Reminds me of a 1940's musical, except that instead of Fred Astair or Danny Kaye doing a song and dance, it's cartoonish type characters.

OK, alarm set. and here I come Betty. You better rest well tonight, because the steamroller woman is coming tomorrow and you're going to be squeeky clean on the way to Peachtree City. You may have to breathe oxygen there and back, but you're going to be clean!

After posting to the blog I looked back at our T-giving pix and found this precious one of Jewel playing the piano yesterday. She found out at my house that she could reach the keyboard, and so at home she's taken to some impromptu concerts. Obviously she does all hers on tip toes though! Too cute!


Watercolor said...

Traveling mercies for you tomorrow. And good luck!

Calypso said...

Oh goodness, loverly picture...*lol*
I truly enjoyed your visit, so did Wheelie. It was great to finally meet you. Glad you made it back safe and sound, we're going to have to dothis more often.
Boo says hello