Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Down Under

Well, during the busy summer of doc appointments, the one doc I missed was the girlie one. So while there's nothing to examine much on top anymore, I still have maintenance that has to be done down below. I met a new doc today and liked her. She's looking into a lot of other chemical issues with my system. Seems like a good thing.

Still a little stuffy, but on the whole, I'm healed from the dang rhinovirus that someone shared with me. Mucinex is still a big help though.

The cleaning diva came today, god bless her, and so my place is a much nicer place to be in.

The nurse at the doc's office used to work where I got my chemo, and she remembered me because of the newspaper article that came out telling about the raffle last year. The school raised $521 for Relay for Life by raffling off the chance to cut off my hair and the nurse remembered that. Hope she remembers that the focus of the article was "Get your mammogram on time."

I hope all my readers have had their mammogram or PSA testing done recently. Much of what we have learned about treating breast cancer came from the research done on prostate cancer. So, ladies or gentlemen, look at the calendar and make sure you're up-to-date on your annual exams.

Travel safely. Be well. I hope you and those you love are blessed with enough food and someone/something to cherish you this night. (My two kitties are all curled up into a yin/yang symbol of cat fur. It's cute to see them like that.

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Susan said...

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!