Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 month Oncology Check-up

Well, I've been poked, proded, and had blood drawn. I still have "petite" red blood cells. The doc says that if I can ever get more iron in my system, and if the blood cells plump up, I might find my inner furnace again. I'm not optimistic.

He seemed to genuinely be happy with the amount of energy I'm able to scare up these days. I always thought that he felt I was weak and a bit of a wuss about chemo, but when I was leaving, he made a remark about how I wasn't a winer and that I was doing well considering all he'd done to me. It makes me feel a little less like a noodle to have some respect from this man.

I'm working hard to make myself useful at work. Missed a couple of steps though this week and got my name noticed as a bad girl at work. Not good.

My current inadequacies focus on my art class. Sometimes I surprise myself at what I can do, and other times I feel like a 3rd grader in graduate school. The challenge intrigues me though. I may not ever be able to do anything truly special in an artistic format, but I like trying. My art instructor has started work on the mold of my breasts. I'm excited. It will be nice to see them again. ;)

Time to lay my head on my pillow. Peace and love to you and those who love you.


Susan said...

Glad your checkup went well! Thanks for the nice letter and picture, you both did an amazing job!

Watercolor said...

So glad your checkup was a good one!