Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What do you do when....?

OK, so we're in this abandoned (but nice) office building. The Command Center has ONE, just ONE key that is presumed to be a master key to all doors. One of the doors accidentally got locked. Oooops. Now what? There were three women who had their stuff inside that office. One of them was so tired, she just broke down crying. Her ID, credit card, sleeping items and her change of clothing was inside that locked room. A call went out and the "master" key was tried. No luck.

It was time to think outside of the box a bit. There was a ladder in the big room. So.......... a "security" fellow came up with an idea. He went and found the smallest, most lithsome female crew member he could -- she literally is a gymnist. With great stealth, he held the ladder for her, and showed her how to pop up the ceiling tiles in the false ceiling. She tried to climb up into the ceiling to drop down into the locked room on the other side, but the wall was very flimsy and there were some electrical wires in the way (and they had no way to know if they were live wires or not), so more thinking, outside the box was required.

The gymnist, said, "If I had a broom I could push the handle." Mr. Security went around this building (which was nice and clean and very modern) and finally found a piece of metal pole. He came back and Ms. Gymnist was able to push the door handle down and open the door. Ms. Crying Walker was trying valiently to cheer herself up and not be so upset, but it was harrd for her. When that door opened, she was so relieved! Word quickly traveled around the building, "Don't let any of the doors close because they can accidentally lock and you're screwed!"

Yup, that's the gymnist's leg, the rest of her is up in the ceiling.

I was one of the few people who slept really well this eveing. Sort of a mix of dry building, indoor flush, and the miracle of modern chemistry. The next morning was dry. I was up at 4 to pack and get to the camp. It was mucky at camp!

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Susan said...

So glad you had that nice dry place to sleep. Y'all handled the locked door just fine - well except for that one lady who lost it.