Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Babies are Back

My outdoor yard diva came today to do work outside. At two hours a week, I'm not expecting miracles, but it's nice to see things improving a little at a time.

Then Miss Jewel came and spent the afternoon with me. She is just back from travels to Savannah where she and her brother made mom and dad nuts because they'd never sleep simultaneously. So this afternoon, she played and napped at my house so mom and dad could nap at their house!

Deepest sympathies to all those Dawg fans out there.

I think we're going to REI tomorrow to try on some clothing in preparation for the 3-day. I'd like it a lot if I could find some of those pants that you can zip off the legs and make them into shorts when the weather gets warm. But ... coming in the large economy size means I sometimes don't get what I want. I did order a jacket from LL Bean today that is a 3-way jacket that I think will be perfect for the walk. They say that it can sometimes be hot, and often there is frost on the ground in the AM, and it's been known to rain during the walk. With the 3-way jacket I'm prepared for rain, cold, and if I can get some gigantico zip pants, I'll be prepared for warm.

I want to get some long-sleeved tops too because since I've lost the girls, I get cold. I used to never get cold, but now I get cold much easier. Someone in the know said it is really the chemo that changed it so that I get cold, but I think it's the loss of the girls. I think they were heaters. Anyway, I don't hardly have sweaters or jackets because I was always hot. I'm actively looking for some sweaters! I get chilly now and it's not really winter yet! What a huge change!

I hope you and those you love are well this evening.

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Watercolor said...

My head meds make me cold, too. Brrrr. It is a bizarre change in my physical temperament.