Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amazing how....

much better my back feels now that I know that what's causing it to hurt isn't cancer! It still hurts.....but a bulging disk is nothing compared to a cancer recurrence!

Been busy as the proverbial "one armed paper hanger." And, I will be throughout the week and weekend.

I'm excited to see the donations on Jenn's page. Ever dollar is a special gift to me and I appreciate each and every penny in every one of those dollars.

I'm doing a web project at school that I feel good about and which is beginning to go live. It's kind of exciting. I like doing something for the school that makes the boss happy, that I can do sitting down, and which lets me express myself with a little creativity. I think that's a perfect fit for me and my energy levels these days.

I'm getting frustrated being one of two Democrats in a sea of Republicans. Just because she doesn't have external plumbing doesn't mean I'm for Palin. Just because he is a respected and genuine hero doesn't mean I want he and the political freight he brings, to perpetuate the financial mess our country is in. Everyone forgets that while he may be a moral sleaze, Clinton left the office with the budget balanced. In 8 short years we're close to a 2nd "Great Depression." I am just stunned that anyone thinks that more of the same is a good idea. Don't flame me if you're part of the sea of Republicans around me. I'm entitled to my liberal opinion, and you're entitled to yours. I'll go to the polls and you'll probably over-ride my vote by incredible odds in five short weeks.

Won't you be glad when all the anxiety of the election is finally over? I sure will. Then maybe something different will happen no matter who is elected and somehow, someway things can get some better. It's really awful for a lot of people. HP is laying off 26,000! Holy crap. Can't find gas. $700 BILLION to bail out banks that wouldn't give me the time of day. I'm beginning to wonder if the few bucks I do have should be hidden under the mattress or in my back yard. My dad who lived through "The Great Depression" was forever changed because of it and always predicted that another one was coming. He may be gone, but his prediction might be right. THAT is scary. I'm not smart about all this economic stuff, but I do know I can't imagine a million, much less a billion. Now multiply that unimaginable number 700 times. I have to balance my budget, how come the big folks who are elected to take care of this, don't feel any responsibility for doing this for the country? I don't get it. No flames. No flames. I'm just expressing my lack of understanding.

Did teachers stay employed during the first "Great Depression" because I sure hope to keep my job.


Susan said...

Isn't it funny how our minds work, we can turn a pain into something much bigger. SOOO glad you got it checked out, and it is not what you feared.

The school project sounds like fun, glad you are able to do something you love.

Anonymous said...

Like the last several elections I will be voting for the lesser of two evils. Ever since I was old enough to vote I have said because it is such a lousy job, that anyone that wants to be president, shouldn't be allowed to run.

I don't know about teachers but during the "Great Depression" the U.S. Unemployment Rate was 25-30%. Currently it is about 6% so while bad it has long way to go before it hits "Great Depression" rates.