Saturday, August 30, 2008

Helping Around the World

Ayesha Munir Ahmad Group Cosmetics Sales, Pakistan
Raising Funds
43% raised

Juliana Fish Selling, Peru
Paying Back
84% repaid

Luz María Urbalejo Martínez Jewelry, Mexico
Paid Back
100% repaid

Helen Bakare Clothing Sales, Nigeria
Paying Back
75% repaid

I heard about Kiva ( on Oprah of all things. It was while I was watching tv sideways as I lay in bed all puny from chemo. I invested $25 in one woman who was trying to improve her life. Then a different day I invested another $25, and finally I wanted to honor my surgeon by investing another $25 in another woman.

Some loans have already been paid back, so I just had enough to invest in another woman. My goal is to help women in poverty to improve their earning potential. I kind of see it as a way to spread a little (very little) American wealth around the world, and maybe earn us a little positive thoughts from places in the world that think poorly of us. It's fun to select someone and get the updates and then know at the end when they've paid back the money, that presumably their life is a bit better because they've improved their ability to make money and support themselves.

It's a small investment in global goodness. I like it because you can re-invest the money over and over and keep the goodness going. My life is very blessed. It's a small way I feel like I can help others who struggle. It was very hard making it when I was a single mom raising a child and working two and three jobs. I feel a kinship with these women that also struggle and work endless hours.

My fund-raising focus is still the 3-Day right now, but I like the diversion above. It doesn't take but $25 to start something that just makes the world better; literally.

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Watercolor said...

This is SUCH a great organization. Kudos!!