Thursday, August 21, 2008


I either have a sinus issue or a cold, but either way I feel like crap. I've dosed myself up with all kinds of decongestants and will either get better, have a seizure or a stroke, but by gosh, I can breathe.

My legs hurt, and I'm thinking it's from the weather front, AKA Fay. Even though its not here, it is big enough to influence things. I've taken some Tylenol for pain, and I had a nap when I came home from work. I'm hoping to be able to zonk out soon. It smells like EUCALYPTUS in here because I've bathed my legs in Biofreeze.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, because one more day in the week and I don't know how I'd handle it. I'm really feeling puny, and whiney.

I saw the most adorable cherub on the bus today. She was only five. She held her fingers up for me and her fat cheaks and blond hair were just adorable. Her friend who held up seven fingers was trying to find out if I knew her cousin Nicky and couldn't figure out how a teacher could NOT know her cousin. The concept of 1000 kids in one place at one time was beyond her ability. What a couple of charmers. I can't remember how it was to take the bus when I was five. I know I did, but I don't remember that far back. I must have once been one of those little charmers. If I knew what to do with them, I might well enjoy working with the little ones, but there is such a terrible race to teach, teach, teach so many ideas so fast now while they are little! Where did childhood go?


Watercolor said...

If only we knew to savor being 5!

Calypso said...

Something is going around. I've had the serious sniffles here too, with a low grade fever, and just an overall crappy feeling.
Take care of yourself!!!
Enjoy the weekend and REST...if you can...

Amber said...

There is a nasty stomach virus going around the high school. Obviously you don't have that (you'd know), but I say that to say there is plenty going around. Hopefully your gunk will pass very quickly!

vennersd said...

Amen sister.