Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pic of the Day

This is a pic Jenn took of Jewel and I today. I like it so decided to post it here too. As you can see I'm pushing out hair as fast as I can. I had my passport pictures taken today, so will have short, short hair for the next 10 years on my passport; what the hell! I'm hoping I get it back fast enough so that I can have it to travel somewhere fun by the end of the summer. The word on the street is that while it was taking up to 10 weeks to get a passport, it's back down to 4 - 6 weeks. So...maybe. We'll see. If not, maybe over the winter holidays I can go somewhere warm. Mmmmmm.
Jenn and Jewel and I all went up to the county seat, Buchanan today to do a bunch of business. It was funny to live in a place so small that we could walk across one street to do this business, and drive 1/4 mile to see some other county office. And Buchanan is so small, it's hard to imagine why it ended up being the county seat. Bremen is much larger. It's like if someone said that the county seat of Fulton County would be East Point instead of Atlanta. Very weird. And, of course, the word Buchanan has been "Southernized" so that while it's named for a past President of the US who actually pronouced his name Bu-canon, it's locally pronounced Buck-annan. They know immediately if you're not local around here if you pronounce it like the President's name.
When we first moved to Georgia in 1967, my dad who was a real history nut, used to pronounce that street in Atlanta, with it's proper Spanish intonation. Ponc-A de Lee-own. People all thought it was nuts, because everyone knows it's Ponce-dee-Lee-on.

Oh well, things are just rocking along. I may even stop and do some pottery this afternoon for the first time in FOREVER. I hope you and all you love are well and happy this day.


Calypso said...

Now THAT is a happy picture!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful!!!!! I love your hair. That baby is one happy sweetie.

Anonymous said...


I love that picture...and all that hair!!! I have watched my hairdresser grown hers back since last August and it looks great now. You are on your way!


dgray1130 said...

You look and sound fantastic! What a happy baby, love the next pic of her saying mama. I'm sure she brings you lots of Joy!! Going overseas?? Wow, good for you!! Love ya Diane

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous, Ann!
(and so does Jewel!)
I think your hair has tripled in length since you were here-- it's really true, hair grows faster in the summer (according to my hair-guy--)
Love from Leslie