Monday, June 02, 2008

Eczema & Physical Therapy

We combined trips to C'ton today, so Jenn and Jewel came to PT with me. I went on errands with her.

Right now I'm miserable with eczema. All I want to do is scratch, scratch, scratch. After a search on the internet, it appears that eczema can be an infrequent side effect of a compromised immune system resulting from chemotherapy. The cure appears to be boosting your immune system and time.

If it's not one thing it's six more. Scratch. Scratch. Oooooooo, Scraaaaaaaatch!


Watercolor said...

I have that in my ear. What a stupid place for it. What a stupid condition. I hope yours goes away SOON!!!

Anonymous said...


seriously, oatmeal baths are great.
Eucirin (sp?) is a great calming lotion, I use it on the baby's exzema. btw. Her spine and back are fine!
Feel better soon, Ann. I am having myself a nice juicy depression :>)

Joann said...

Who is "anonymous"? Who's having a "juicy depression"?

Calypso said...

that wus me, sorry