Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cooler Temps

Cooler temps today were very welcome. Lovely weather and I hope it holds for a few more days. While it's a little cooler I have some projects outside to do! Weather predictions seem to indicate it might be under 90 tomorrow.

People who have bumper stickers are more likely to be involved in road rage, a recent study says. It doesn't matter if your bumper sticker is about Peace and Love or if it's an advertisement for the benefits of certain green, leafy, vegetable matter for a tobacco substitute. Your kid may beat up my honor student, or perhaps you're proud of your alma mater -- it doesn't matter. If you have a bumper sticker, you're more likely to have temper issues when confronted with poor driving, a challenge from another driver, the proverbial "finger" or the occasional shout out. I don't have any bumper stickers, but I've thought about it, and of course I have that 2ft. by 3ft. magnetic sign on the truck advertising Jenn's web page for the 3 Day. I wonder if that magnetic sign means I'm at risk for road rage?

Very excited by our upcoming cruise. So many exciting possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys to be able to do this. I hope you get some well deserved rest and time with the family! Take lots of pictures! :)