Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's spring and I've been working on my little yard. I reseeded my front "yard" a couple days ago, because the only thing growing there is moss. No grass. OK, well....just a few springs of grass. I checked and after the rain last night it didn't run off with the rain. I was thinking it might do that, but it's coated with this distinctive blue colored stuff and so it's really easy to see that it's where I put it.

I pulled out my big flower pots, and today I went by Wally World and got some plants to decorate the place, and a few seed packs (though I've never really had success with them), and I bought 30 of those wall bricks to see about making a large window box in an area where nothing grows but errosion on the side of the condo. It'll be something that will take some time and figuring. I'm hoping the kids that have recently moved in and don't seem to understand the concept of private property, don't mess with them and end up with a broken toe or something.

In case you know anyone that can do a small fencing job, I'm looking for someone that could replace my ugly pressure treated crap fence with a nice bit of vinyl fence. I'm guessing only 3 or 4 panels depending on if we got 6-foot lengths or 8-foot lengths, and I'd like a couple panels put in sideways to make a T shape, so that I have a small private space to hide behind if I decide to have breakfast outside in my nighty. You'd think that with the housing market being so "off" right now, contractors would take small jobs more readily, but they don't.

I've got some window boxes that I need to attach to the windows to make them stable. I meant to get some screws when I was at Wal-mart today, but forgot. I suppose I need to get some mortar to hold the bricks together, as well as the screws, when I'm at a home improvement store. Maybe I can swing by Home Depot on Monday. I have a doc appt to se what in the world is going on with my shoulder on Monday, so maybe I can go by Home Depot in the AM. Art class was cancelled until they can talk some more students into taking the class. I hope that a few more folks will take the class, because I really like it.

I made some split pea soup today, and hope to serve it up for lunch tomorrow.

I think, unfortunately, that I can safely say my appetite and taste buds have recovered from chemo. I'm hungry, which isn't so compatible with the whole Weight Watcher's thing I have going on right now.

I signed up for my job preferences as part of the 3-day walk CREW. I know I can't walk the 60 miles but I can perhaps help in other ways to make the walkers' more comfortable. I'm rather hoping that they will take advantage of the fact that I have a CDL with passenger endorsement, and that I'll get an assignment doing something where I drive something. That way I get to sit, and maybe have access to air conditioning. We'll see what develops. I will get an e-mail with my assignment. The bad news is that I have to stay in the crew village, so I won't get to stay with Jenn, Kari and Christy -- which they are probably THANKFUL for, since I'm well known for my snoring.

I've always had a black thumb and could make most any plant fall over dead. Today I got optimistic and bought some of the stuff that makes plants put out roots so you can start your own plants from cuttings. I want to go get a cutting of wysteria and see if I can start some. I'm also trying to make my poor, spindly scheffilera trees grow a bit more thickly by trying to start some new shoots. It's hard to keep the green things happy over the winter. I put one sheffilera out at the front door. I am trying my peace lily outside on the back side, but I'm not sure it'll work out as the leaves really catch the wind. I don't want it to die from the wind flattening it out or the temps being too drastic for it to handle. I think having growing and green things around you is healthy, if only because they make oxygen, but I'm worried I'm a menace to their existance.

Lazy cats are snoozing on the bed. Romeo is better, but I can't say for sure that he is totally well. He's still using a the step-stool to help him get up on the bed. You can tell he's just a little weak, and I hate that. I think he's just getting older and falling apart, similar to someone else I know. I saw Thelma, the cat I co-own with my neighbor, this morning. She looks like she's doing well after being spayed. She didn't have her collar on though, so she's an expert at getting out of one, it seems. She let me pet her for a bit this morning and I saw her later in the day over at Kathy's. I hate it that she has to stay an outdoor cat, but she's got a better life as a kept outdoor cat, than going to the pound.

That's about it. I have to post now or run the risk of it not posting today, but tomorrow! Hope all is well wherever you are.

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Calypso said...

Sounds like the slug is gone!
Turned into a busy beaver!

Atta girl!