Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ocean & L.

A dear, kind friend invited me to come spend some time with her, and coincidentally, she lives close to the ocean.  Within 20 minutes of arriving at the airport, she was snapping this picture of me with the Atlantic in the background!
Now how GREAT of a hostess is this?  After lunch the first place she took me was to a friend that is a massage therapy person and I got an energy inducing Reiki "massage."  I have to tell you this was an awesome way to welcome me to FL!!!  

Arriving at her home I became acquainted with Beaux (sp?) and Slider.  Beaux is a very Zen dog that pretty much sniffed me and went, "You're ok."  Now Slider is a mischievous fellow that is pretty much like a dog on crack.  He's loving, and very sweet, and ENTHUSIASTIC and embraces LIFE with so much zest that well.......I'll let the picture speak for itself.  Slider has already opened my suitcase and stolen a pair of socks.  I was actually relieved it was the socks, because I thought he'd grabbed a pad.  So socks were a relief.  At least he wasn't running through my hosts' home with an incontinence pad!  I'll unpack my suitcase AFTER I close the door to the bedroom.  Nothing is safe from the boy if he's in there.   He has made me laugh more than I've laughed in a long, long time.  It's hysterical.

OH, and one other thing, L. & her husband M. had a bottle of champagne!   Champagne!  I can not remember the last time I had champagne.   Out of deference to my pancreas they even got alcohol-free champagne.  Now we can't figure out how you can call it champagne and it not have alcohol,, I'm incredibly impressed.  


Susan said...

The picture is wonderful! It sounds like you are having a great time already, just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy!

Watercolor said...

Excellent!! Have even more fun!!