Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Again

Yesterday L. and I went geocaching ( We had a fun time and found four treasures. I saw the biggest dog I'd ever seen. It was an English Bull Mastiff and it was huge! Bigger than a Great Dane. Looking for a couple of the caches took us close to a fabulous dog park. It has a wet area with doggie swim pools and toys, and a big fenced in area where dogs and hang out and chat about their humans. There was a doggie obstacle course. Just incredible as a resource. Lots of happy dogs there.

I've been very impressed at how much has been provided and repaired for citizens in the area. Almost all the beaches have a spigot to wash your feet (or other parts) and many have restrooms.

Today we got up early and went down to the beach just at low tide. We got a motherload of shells today. The beaches are definitely different than they were way back. My family vacationed in this area back in the late 60's. The shells were bigger and more of them. The beaches were bigger and the sand whiter. Life moves on and things change.

I got some pictures from L's yard this morning. I'll post them tomorrow. I'm pretty tired now. At the ocean this AM I got in the water and found several shells. Once again the water was rough. After a while it wore me OUT just standing in one place and trying to balance against the waves, so I sat down and just let the ocean wash around me. I never really got to swim in the ocean, but this was pleasant and I enjoyed it very much. A quick dip in the pool at L.'s mom's house, and then it was time to dash home, clean our shells, pack my suitcase, eat lunch, and then head to the airport. I'm not sure why they call it Melbourne International Airports. The escort that rolled me around there said it was because they had flights to Baltimore. I broke the sad news to him that Baltimore was part of the US. There's only a half-dozen flights there daily and they're all Delta flights. Go figure.

My flight was five minutes late, and my son-in-law was there waiting for me. He's such a great guy. He even had a cold drink in the car waiting for me. I'm so thankful for my family!

I'm also very, very thankful to M., L. and N. for their generous hospitality. Slider and Boe-bee certainly made things interesting, and I now know two Betty's that have had their brains eaten alive by alzheimer's. It's intriguing to share stories of our LO's and see how many things are similar and how some things are different.

I'm very, very tired now, so I'll sign off, but I'll post some pix tomorow.


Susan said...

Welcome back! It sounds like the perfect vacation, the beach, sunshine, and even geocaching! Rest up!

Amber said...

Glad to have you back in little ol' Bremen - and really glad you had a great time! You deserved it!
Many blessings,

Watercolor said...

Glad you had a great trip!