Friday, March 21, 2008

Romeo's Gimp

Romeo seems to be doing better after a week of "resting." You can't really make a cat rest unless you crate them. I'd hate to do that to the boy. I've been keeping the heat on the bed so he could lay on the heat and letting the back door stay open some so that he can lay in the sun. (Tough life for cats here.) ;) I'm relieved to see him apparently doing better.

Jewel was a sweetie today. The colic she seemed to have last night resolved about an hour after I left. I'm so relieved. She was miserable last night, and no one with any feelings can watch a baby suffer, even from gas, easily. I'm happy she got better quickly.

Bonus Easter wishes and goodies from my ChemoAngels. Thanks P. & C. I can't wait to see what Jewel thinks of the bunny rattle. I know one'll go straight into her mouth! At three months she is precocious for teething, but we call her Droolie Jewelie these days, so it'll quickly be covered with slobber and I'm sure the bell sound will entrance her.

Liam was so excited when he came home from school today. He had a plastic Easter bucket from school and he was talking 100 mph about the Easter egg hunt they had. He had gotten a blue plastic snake in one of the eggs and was totally excited that it stretched to about three times it's length. That blue snake isn't going to last long, but the excitement and pleasure on his face was something to see!

Hope all you gentle readers had a great day.

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