Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fast-paced Wednesday

I did my drawing class this morning and really enjoyed it. I'm learning a lot but I'm definitely a true beginner with very primitive drawing skills.

Jenn checked my fluid accumulation today. Might have to go be drained again. Oh joy.

Thanks for the call Nancy. I enjoyed talking with ya. :)

Somehow, someway I'm supposed to fax something to Northside hospital tomorrow. In Bremen, this is not as easy as one would think. We have no Mailboxes Etc.-type store or even an office supply store. This is how I know I live in small town America, if I am nice and smile, my home-town pharmacy will fax something for me. No, this is not a CVS, not a Rite-Aid, or any kind of chain. It's a small, local pharmacy that is not open on Sundays, or after 6PM any day of the week. But you are greeted by name when you walk in, if your insurance doesn't run the Rx for some reason and you've sent someone else to pick up your Rx, they'll send the medicine home and tell you to stop by the pharmacy when you feel better. It's awesome. A bit of the 1950s in the new millenium.

I'm perking up a bit, even if I do need to spring a leak, or have one sprung for me. Jenn's going to call the surgeon's office on Friday and find out HOW MUCH fluid do I have to have before it's a bad thing and I have to get drained? It's not as bad as last week, but it's not good.

Wow, who would have thought that Hillery could have made a last-minute come-back? It's going to be interesting no matter if it's Obama or Clinton vs. McCain. I don't see America being ready to elect a woman to the Whitehouse. I think a McCain vs. Obama ticket would be a real race to see who would win. I think Obama's youth might win out, even though he's going to raise some controversy by not being 100% White. (He is just as White as he is Black, and he's aware of that despite the fact that most American's consider him Black because of his color.) I'm too cynical about this, I'm sure, but I just don't see a majority of Americans being willing to vote for anyone without external plumbing. If it becomes a Clinton vs. McCain race, I suspect the candidate with external genitalia will win. Not necessarilly because he is the best candidate but because I am thinking the MAJORITY of voters will not vote for a woman, nor a woman with the assertive personality that Hillery has -- she is a trained lawyer and gosh only knows, she's aware of how law and the Whitehouse can get involved in the lives of the residents of that house! The next few weeks will be interesting. It is definitely a fight to the finish on the Democratic side, and the two candidates are definitely neck-and-neck.

Hope you had a good day.


Susan said...

Love your take on the political race - the one with the external plumbing wins - according to the American mentality!

Your drawing class sounds interesting, even though you are in small town Americana, you have found some interesting classes to take.

Thanks for the great comment on my blog about high school - very interesting to hear about it from someone on the inside.

Have a great day!

Calypso said...

This darn election is gonna kill me, I just can't handle the suspense!!


I have come to dislike ole Hillary. Don't like her tantrums, her b*tching.
I wrote her, told her to make Bill shut up and to stop being such a meany.
Of course she didn't write me back. *lol*

Oh well