Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drains, Bindings, and Docs

OK, I slept in my bed last night, and because both drains were out of my left side, I could sleep on my left side and it was WONDERFUL! Today's output on drain #4 is above the level required before it can be removed. Jenn is going to call the doc's office tomorrow and find out more details about how long I have to put up with it.

Over the stiches I'm supposed to be wearing a binding to help flatten things out and encourage the chest skin to begin to adhere to the chest wall, AND to prevent fluid from building up where they took the drains out. I am fed up with the Ace bandage solution because they just roll and make this huge "rubberband" like constriction on my chest. I've tried two different kinds of Ace bandages. I've tried various kinds of wrap techniques, and today I'm on variation #467. I'm hoping I've found a winner here because otherwise, I'm afraid my "compliance" with wearing a binder may go down significantly! To say it's uncomfortable is an understatement!

I'm looking forward to a shower at Jenn's tomorrow (I still need help as long as I have a drain.) and she's going to check to see if we've got to go to north Atlanta regarding the last drain or not.

This week two friends have gone on to larger life. One is a dear Geocaching friend that was taken swiftly with pancreatic cancer and kept his health condition so private next to no one knew he was ill. The other is a friend and former work colleague who has been fighting ovarian cancer for about four years now. She told her family she thought she was ready to surrender her fight and that she was ready to die. About five minutes later, she died. Cancer has not just effected my life significantly, but this week has taken two people I hold dear in my heart.

Whatever you can do for the Cancer Society, Lukemia and Lymphoma Society or the Susan G. Komen Foundation -- even if it is just praying for the scientists who work on cancer research, do what you can. Every little bit helps to assure those who have cancer can live longer, and that those who don't have cancer may never get it.

I wish you and those you love, a cancer-free life.

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