Friday, January 11, 2008

Sickies Around Here

OK, for those of you that haven't had thrush as an adult, let me just tell you that (a) it kills your taste buds, and (b) whenever you insert anything into your mouth, it makes your tongue tingle SO ferociously, that you wonder if it might just take off and zoom out of your mouth. I'm glad I gave in and got the meds for that yesterday. I can't imagine it being worse today!

However, I can imagine worse. The cough that has been plaguing me for several weeks now has gotten so bad, that I'm gagging to the point of hurling. So, at 4am while I was making acquaintance with my trash can, I got to thinking I need to check back with the doc about the whole cough thing. I dropped him an e-mail. I'm telling you something like a minute later I got a response from him. So while fungus probably can't grow on me because of the Diflucan, I am now on STRONG antibiotics and some cough stuff that's stronger than Delsym.

I FINALLY had enough energy after yoga today to get Betty's groceries. She is in a bad way. her caregiver took her to the doc and her oxygen is too low and her COPD is exaserbated so she is coming home for the weekend, but if not significantly improved by Monday, she'll have to go to the hospital for a higher level of care.

I'm grumpy, tired, and sick of coughing! I hope these antibiotics actually work and cure whatever the heck it is that is causing this cough!

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