Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last Chemo - 6 of 6

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Left: Marianne & Me Center: Jenn, Jewel and Me Right: The RED DEVIL for the last time!

I'm done! I'm done! Today was my last chemotherapy (aside from a quicky shot I have to go get in my belly tomorrow). My friend Marianne came and visited me. My first visitor. Jenn and Jewel stopped by to bring me lunch. I took a nap and the nurse woke me up to let me know I was done.

I've already e-mailed MD Anderson and expect to hear from them by Monday. Once they give me travel dates, I'll share the information. There is a small possibility that we may not have to elbow our way through Hartsfield, since we live close to an airport that hangers corporate jets. The possibility is there that we MIGHT be able to get an AngelFlight to Houston (and maybe back). I would be very interested in letting my butt fly to Houston on someone's rich Corinthian leather, although the chances for three seats might make this even less likely. Who knows. We'll see what happens.

I anticipate feeling pretty crumby for a while. Since chemo #4, I've pretty much been sickies the whole three weeks in-between treatments, so even though I'm done, the side-effects will linger with me for at least three weeks is my guess.

I asked the PA for the oncologist today how long it would take my body to recover and feel back to my normal self? He said for some people it's as early as three months but the vast majority of people report 6 to 12 months as the time it takes to get back to the place they were before treatment (presuming no heart damage, etc.). That's pretty congruent with what other patients tell me.

I'm so appreciative for everything my oncologist has done with the chemotherapy. He really stepped out on a limb and did a very aggressive chemo beyond what the protocols indicate, but which were exactly what I wanted to do (stamp out this sucker!). The staff there are all so helpful and nice. I'm just so thankful that I could get such excellent treatment so close to home! I've been fortunate enough that I could drive myself to treatments because it was close. I love that I can e-mail my onc questions --- I just think that is AWESOME. And after reading and talking to other cancer patients, I know to be grateful for who has done my treatments and how generous they have been with their time and efforts. I have been very blessed.
First chemo in October, I think.
I'ts been an interesting journey.

I posted a picture of me with hair on my first day of chemo, so I'm posting pictures of my "graduation" day from chemo. Look how much hair my friend Marianne already has!!!! I hope by next month I can sport such a fancy do!


Anonymous said...

I am SO, so happy for you, dear Ann, that today was your last "poisoning" day!
Happy New Year to you, hoping that you don't feel too crummy this week-- is the shot in the tummy an anti-nausea drug?
Sending you love and happy, peaceful thoughts from Leslie

Anonymous said...

Sending you lots of love, healing energy, prayers and a good dose of whup A _ _!!!! Yeah this was a day to celebrate....(that noise you hear is me doing a dance). Loving you, Randy

Susan said...

What a great milestone, I know you are relieved to be done with this portion of your treatment! Good luck with your trip to Texas, hopefully you will get to ride in comfort on the smaller jet and avoid all that mess at Hartsfield. Take it easy, have a great week!