Monday, January 28, 2008

Doing well

This is the promised post from Jenn. Mom's surgeon said the surgery went well. Although it lasted longer than expected, she denied any problems. I think she got out of surgery around 11:30 this morning. Mom has her pain control pump, and claims it is working well (she rated her pain today lower than she did after she hurt her shoulder). She is recovering at Northside, and expects to go home either tomorrow or Wednesday. She'll have a follow-up appointment sometime next week.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I know I appreciate them, and so does she. Also thanks to those who kept vigil with me in the waiting room. I was glad to not be alone there. I'll keep you updated here if there is any significant news, and again when she comes home. I'm looking forward to having her here with us again.


Anonymous said...

Jenn My prayers are for you and Mom. I am glad that the surgeon said all was well. Randy

Anonymous said...

Jenn, Bless you for being the sweet daughter that you are, & for what you're doing for Mom!!! I'm from the Caregiver group.....Tell Mom, "Go, Ann"!!! Mary in Memphis.

dgray1130 said...

That's wonderful news Jenn. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Many prayers coming your way. Diane

Meta said...

Thanks, Jenn. Sounds like it all went well. YOU, my dear, are the perfect daughter. She is blessed with an angel like you.
Too bad they won't keep her a few days, but then, she probably feels more comfortable at home anyway.
Take care of yourself too, and your little one.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that your Mom's surgery went well, Jenn-- been thinking about Ann (and you!) all day.
Please keep us posted when you can, and thanks for being such a wonderful daughter to your awesome Mom.
Hope everyone has a good sleep tonight!!
Love from Leslie
(caregiver friend)

Mary said...

Glad to hear all is well. Please call if you or your mom need anything (I mean it). I know she will do well with you and your family by her side.
Big (gentle) hugs to her, Mary Anne (fellow Double D amputee)

Susan said...

Thanks for the update, glad that all went well. Also the pain medication will help her arm, an added perk! It is good to hear that she will be staying longer than she had anticipated in her last post - 23 hours. Hopefully she will recover fast and feel as if she has a weight lifted, well I guess she did! Tell her HI from me.

Paul said...

I was really delighted to meet you Sunday. Knowing Joann through EFM I realize how much she loves you and your children. Joann has strengths that I pray pass on to you and to those in your care.
Reading back in the blog I can imagine such an O'Connoresque story. I know Joann was writing something of her past in some short story form. I can imagine a great story coming from the fate of this plaster cast in the blog.
In any event, it would be a pleasure to me if Joann called on me for any need she has.